About us, Aerolineas Santander is a company with 32 years of experience in corporate flights, offering a wide range of services that integrate our clients with the main cities of Perú and the world, attending in a professional and personalized way to executives and passengers in general. We offer executive air transportation services such as charter flights for which we have a fleet of specific aircraft for each type of flight with capacity from 5 to 525 passengers depending on the customer’s requirement. We also offer ground transportation service VIP and air ambulance.


We differentiate ourselves by our own:

– Quality in our services and customer service.

– Low prices compared to our competitors.

– Security and guarantee in the transfer of luggage and cargo.

– Punctuality in our departure and arrival itineraries.

– Respect the agreed fare once payment has been made.

– Notify any delay, cancellation and deviation of which we are aware.

– Assist passengers with special needs.

– Provide accurate information when booking.

– Respond to any questions or comments you may have.

We also offer various services such as:

Private flights:

We put at your disposal the most luxurious private jets so that you have a pleasant and worry-free trip, with our luxury service you will feel that all your worries disappear while you are in the air.

Air ambulance:

We have the most prepared aeromedical personnel so that you feel safe throughout the journey, we take you inside and outside the country and we attend your emergency in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Charter Flights:

With our personalized charter service you will be able to choose the jet that best suits the transportation needs of your organization, without predetermined itineraries, in Santander Airlines we fly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you the attention you deserve