Transporting goods from one place to another is an art, every detail must be planned to ensure that the investment made is fully insured.



With our air cargo service in Peru, we use our private and specialized aircraft in air transport and operated by professionals, both in the movement of our private jets, as in the processes of entry and exit of cargo to aircraft.

That is why we believe in the need to provide an aerocarga service throughout the country, which reduces the risks associated with damage that may receive equipment, products or merchandise during the trip. And most importantly, arrive on time.

In addition, with Aerolínea Santander, there is no limit as far as your cargo can go. Let your business grow and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you in the international market, since our aerocarga service can transport what you need from Peru to almost any airport in the world.



At Aerolínea Santander we have made sure that we can satisfy our clients, offering an air cargo transport service that can carry your cargo not only throughout Peru, but to any country in the world.

If your cargo is located anywhere in Peru and you need to transport it to another part of the world, whether to make a sale, help a branch or franchise, start a new company or expand the business, you can count on Aerolineas Santander for your air transportation needs.

Our airfreight service works anywhere in the world, thanks to our private and specialized aircraft. Therefore, we can take your cargo from anywhere in the world outside of Peru and transport it with our efficiency and experience.

And if you need to bring cargo to Peru from other parts of the world, you can also count on Aerolineas Santander. Make the best deal, get the best price on the merchandise or cargo you or your business need and bring it home with us.


Why choose our airfreight service?

We take care of the customs formalities

Forget about the cumbersome bureaucratic paperwork that makes international business difficult, we take care of everything and put your load where it should be in the shortest possible time.

Our experience supports us

Thanks to our more than 1000 satisfied clients we have acquired the necessary experience so that any procedure is only a mere formality, without affecting your cargo or your delivery times.

We advise you from start to finish

With Aerolínea Santander, you will never be alone, we help you to resolve those doubts that may arise during the process of transport and delivery of your cargo, ensuring that you will be able to be calm throughout the transfer.

You can personalize your transport

If you already have experience or your cargo needs specific transport conditions, you will be able to personalize all the details of your service, from the choice of transport to the way of stacking the goods.

Security and Discretion

With Santander Airline your cargo will always be in the best hands, and we will transport your cargo with the speed and safety that characterizes us.




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